An Improvisation

I have been listening to Keith Jarrett. Something about the way the sound seems to flow from the strings to the hammers, the hammers to the keys, the keys to his fingers, his fingers through his body, his body to somewhere indefinable and back again. He improvises nearly all of his work. I wonder what… Continue Reading

A Letter to A. Artaud

M. Artaud, You say the theatre is essential, that it is the re-localization or revelation into the depths of the mind. Why is it not treated as such? Where is your metaphor now? You outline in detail the process of the body’s boiling point and we’re left only with the cruel fear that it is… Continue Reading


I have created this site as a posting place for my latest thoughts on theatre, performance theory, literature, education, and whatever else passes before my cerebral cortex. The site also serves as a portfolio and resume outlining my creative and scholarly work. For want of a site map, I’ll briefly explain that on the ‘writing’… Continue Reading